Save transport costs and optimize storage for empty pallets

Automatically nest pallets to decrease empty pallet volume and de-nest pallets to get them ready for use

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Pallet De-Nester Benefits

Optimize empty pallet management

Reduce Empty Pallet Volume

Reduce the volume of the empty pallets. Save upto 40% of space volume for Europallet 800 mm x 1200 mm.

Minimize Transport Costs

Save on transport costs by reducing the volume of the empty pallets during tranport. Save 1 truck transport costs for every 3-4 trucks for Europallet 800 mm x 1200 mm.

Optimize Warehouse Space

Store more pallets nested - upto 160% for Europallet 800 mm x 1200 mm. Or reduce empty pallet storage space - upto 60% for Europallet 800 mm x 1200 mm.

Optimize Pallet Processes

Store pallets nested and de-nest them when are needed for use.

Increased Safety

Protect employees from accidents and dull-repeated works.

Standalone and Automation Version

Offered as a standalone solution or as automation solution for direct connection with pallet conveyor or palletizer.

Pallet De-nester Features

Designed to last and manufactured with high quality equiment and materials.

Capacity upto 120 pallets/h


Top quality gearmotors with brakes, encoders, limit switches for lifting, travelling and rotating.

Inverter Driven Motions

Smooth motion with high precision and protection of equipment.

Absolute Encoders

Increased accuracy in motion with absolute encoders. Increased availability after power on.

PLC and Touchscreen Control

Latest generation of Siemens PLC and Touchscreen hardware

Linear Guides

High quality linear bearings for lifting and travelling motions.


Robust frame designed for minimum deflection. Beams, thick plates sandblasted, anticorrosion painted and powder coated. Thin plates galvanized and powder coated.

Watch Pallet De-Nester in action

Custom pallet 1300 mm x 1300 mm application

Pallet De-Nester Pictures

Applications with the Pallet De-Nester

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